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Dr. Robert R. Cargill of the University of Iowa makes all my points for me on tonight’s Discovery Channel broadcast. I totally agree that Simcha is a non-scholar just looking for TV time. Dr. Cargill points out that very little evidence is presented and that the producers have an axe to grind. They want to try to say Jesus didn’t physically rise from the dead. The problem is they don’t use valid methods and no reasonable scholar interprets their evidence as they do. The Gospels and 1 Corinthians 15:3-11 are the earliest Christian beliefs about the resurrection. It’s clear they believed in a physical resurrection, not a spiritual one. What Simcha found was a rather typical Greek Ossuary box from 1st Century Jerusalem. Many Jews believed in the resurrection of the dead at the judgment (Pharisees, for example) and the inscriptions fit that belief well. I’m surprised Discovery ended up airing the broadcast because the research has been so discredited. It really has the effect of strengthening the validity of the NT witness, by making such a poor argument.
This is not the purpose of Dr. Cargill’s blog, but I thank him for pointing out these errors and the attempted manipulation of believers and skeptics for money and fame. I hope well-meaning believers never put on something this lame trying the “prove” the resurrection. Let the biblical witnesses stand and let people decide based on faith.
As always, I’m seeking to let the Christian Scriptures bring life into focus…

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This will be the live blog of the premier of Simcha Jacobovici’s “The Resurrection Tomb Mystery” on the Discovery Channel on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 9:00 PM Central.

This blog will be updated frequently and will be corrected/altered throughout the hour. (Please forgive misspellings and grammatical errors, as this is rapid fire.) I shall edit and make the text into a more coherent narrative when it’s over.

Other live blogs taking place: Mark Goodacre, Thomas Verenna.


9:00 BEGIN

Disclaimer. Use your own judgment. Wise words.

9:01 Preview/Ad Intro. Seen this before.

Jesus’ crucifixion is being reenacted.

Intro Joseph of Arimathea. Wha?

Cut to Church of the Holy Sepulcher. True: no archaeological evidence of resurrection

Unused tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. OK. What’s the connection?

1980 in Talpiot (I didn’t know they had footage of that.😉

Talpiot Tomb: removed 10 ossuaries.

2007: Intro Simcha ‘Re-discovering” the…

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