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A Holy Week
Palm Sunday worship: 10:30am 
Good Friday Communion Service: 6:30pm
Easter Sunday- Fellowship Breakfast: 10am, Resurrection Celebration: 10:30am

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, beginning Holy Week. Christians around the world celebrate Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem for the last week of his earthly ministry. Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time to shouts of praise and prayers for the deliverance of God’s people. Hosanna is essentially a Hebrew prayer for deliverance: something close to “Save, I pray!” The people longed to be delivered from Roman cruelty. And Jesus was arriving to set them free. But it was a different kind of freedom he came to bring. Jesus experienced the political problems that every resident of Judea and Galilee experienced. But he knew he needed to attack evil at its source: the stain of sin in the human condition. There would always be another conqueror, but there will only ever be one savior. Jesus was a king of a different kind, a king who would lay down his life, absorbing the full violence of an empire to set his people free from sin. Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord to bring full salvation to everyone. From slave to emperor, from laborer to President, everyone needs Jesus. Thank God, he came to save us!

Welcome to NewHope!



Welcome to NewHope!.

Click the above link to check out NewHope Community Church of the Nazarene.  Come grow with us as we share the good news of Jesus with our world!  It’s almost Easter time so there are some fresh opportunities to get connected to the church experience.
Join us Friday night April 8th as we head to a local theater for Soul Surfer a truly inspiring movie event!  The cost is $10 but the experience is priceless.  (Sarah & I saw a special screening in January and her comment: “The Best movie EVER!”)
Palm Sunday April 17th is a special outreach service for people new to the church experience. 10:30am
Good Friday April 22nd-brief family service helping you experience just how much God loves you!
Easter Sunday April 24th- Experience the life-changing power of Easter with your family! It’s the most joy-filled service of the year celebrating the event that changed the world forever. Let it change your world this year!

These are just a few of the ways you can discover new hope! Your journey begins at


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