Day 9, More Than Fine…

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Well today began with the world finally discovering how the Cardinals always win! LOL. Seriously, I hope it’s an isolated act by a rogue employee. I also hope it’s not the tip of the iceberg of what most teams are doing regularly. It’s also the day we dropped 41 seconds off of yesterday’s easy 3 mile run time! All three miles were pretty close in pace and our heart rates were in check. It didn’t feel a lot easier but we improved significantly. Thanks to all who have supported me! Thanks to anyone considering providing clean water to one person for $50. Just ten more $50 donations to meet my commitment!

Day 8 Great!

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3 miles 12:45/mile

Today was our fastest Monday 3 mile run! (We managed to dodge most of the raindrops but wow was it humid!) We ran the the whole time and it felt good until the last half mile or so when we had to work harder. Thanks for your support! Now the Blackhawks need to wrap up the Stanley Cup tonight! Go Hawks!

Day 6, Take 5!

We did it! We made it 5 miles. 13:38/mile

Not without walking but we ran most of it and finished running. We ventured out to more varied terrain, experiencing a couple of hills for the first time. The temperature shot up so at the 3 mile point we were close to home and grabbed our running hats. Based on how we finished I think we can come closer to running the whole distance next weekend. In most situations it proved easier to keep plugging than to start up again from a brief walking break. This was the second longest distance I’ve ever covered and the most in a decade. I dug deep to finish today. I thought about the injustice that keeps people from having what they need and our determination to make a difference in someone’s life. I imagined the thrill of completing this challenge and knowing that the support of others carried me to success. I thought about you and the difference you have already made in my life. Thanks. Water. Hope. Life. Click here to make a difference! 

Day 4 Goldie Locks

Click here to change someone’s life!  Thanks for all your support and prayers that make this effort possible! 3 miles 38:36 moving time 39:20 actual time (with drink stops) Today we tried running on an outdoor track. It was cushy but got pretty hot since no breeze was present. On a positive note the new pair of identical shoes were awesome!  Feet and knees = happy.  I ran without my phone and I missed my music. We also tried just having a water bottle sitting by the track but that wasted time when we drank. (Added about 18sec/mile to our “moving average” vs actual time). So our moving average time showed improvement and we will focus on that. When we run on a track or trail we will definitely do it in the cooler morning hours and carry the water, but today didn’t allow for that. So I feel a bit like Goldie Locks with my “this ones too hot…” persnickety-ness but we are figuring out what works for us. Rest day tomorrow, then our first 5 mile run on Saturday! 

Day 3 A little rough…

So my running shoes have been wearing out a bit. I thought it was worth considering going a different direction. Bad idea. If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it. Had to quit at 2.6 miles today because my feet were all over the place and my knees were not enjoying controlling that party. (But I had easily run .4 or more trying different shoes beforehand.)  After a pretty disastrous run I’m back to an indentical pair of the shoes that have brought me this far. I plan to rotate both pairs for the rest of the season leading up to the marathon. So lesson learned and I think I have a good plan for getting to the finish line… With your help we are changing the world! Click here to support my run!

Day 1 So it begins…

Tonight we were celebrating Rachel and Jon’s engagement with a nice dinner out. Although it’s a couple years out there are lots of fun decisions to be made. We couldn’t be happier for our daughter and her fiancé! We celebrate God’s gracious hand on their lives. 

39:18 3 mile easy run. Click to learn more! Beforehand we began the full 18 week Chicago marathon training plan. No more intentional walks! The goal is complete running. We did complete a 3 mile easy run today. Thankfully we finished a few minutes before the stormy weather hit. It felt better than the all out effort on Saturday but surprisingly wasn’t a lot slower overall. Tomorrow is another 3 mile easy run. Click here to change the world!

Day 55 Closer to the Goal!

3.1 miles 38:00 (fastest mile 11:13) Click to join the mission! We recorded our fastest mile and fastest 5K so far this season. That was the goal. This completes our base training and sets the stage for the full 18 week Marathon training plan. Thanks to a new donor, I’ve now raised money for 16 people to have clean water ($805)! Just 10 ($500) more to go! Your donation of any size will change someone’s life! $50 provides clean water for one person. Click here to change someone’s life! This commitment has already changed my life. I don’t even recognize my legs anymore and I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. I’ve grown spiritually, feeling a more tangible connection to those who live without fresh water and realizing the privileges I enjoy. Running isn’t easy for me, but it’s so much easier than daily life is for so many. Thanks for making this journey possible. 

Day 53 He walked…

36 min walk 2.28 miles Click here to change the world!

Well today was a fun and interesting day. A church friend who is in the midst of overcoming more challenges than most will ever face, walked today. Walked across a steamy gymnasium in front of classmates, teachers and family to graduate from High School! I celebrate with Jeffrey (Scott) today! God has been so faithful and is still moving mountains. My brother-in-law, Mark had successful kidney removal surgery today. A pathology report will hopefully clear him from further treatment in a week. Thanks for your prayers!

We also completed our final walk of the base training phase of the Team World Vision Chicago Marathon training plan. We rest tomorrow, do a 5K test run on Saturday and run or cross train from now on. 18 weeks until the big day! Special thanks to all who have donated! Can I count on you to get me to the finish line? $50 gets clean water to one person. 15 down, 11 to go! Click here to change the world!

Day 52 How About You?

45minutes 5min run/1min walk 3.36 miles Click here to learn more!

Another beautiful sky greeted us! Whew it was a little hot but we beat our best 45 minute run/walk distance today!  It’s not getting easier but we’re getting better. Would you consider a donation today? I’ve raised money for 15 people to have clean water to drink ($770). I’m over half way to my goal of raising $1310 so 26 people can have clean water, 1 for each mile I will run. Thanks for all your support! Click here to learn more!

Updates on Life and Day 51

Last week I had a refreshing time at PALCON, a conference for Nazarene pastors and leaders on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University, where I teach. The conference had everything from high level theological training from Dr. T.A. Nobel to practical ministry tips and fellowship. The best part was connecting with former mentors, ministry friends and former students now in ministry. The days were full and a little long, but it was worth the investment. Sparks flew in a few panel discussions (probably that’s a good thing) and I felt challenged by the sermons from General Superintendent Jerry Porter, NTS President Carla Sunberg, and a favorite preacher, Scott Daniels, the new leader at Nampa College church at NNU, where I also teach online. When I stepped into the pulpit at NewHope on Sunday I felt a bit more of a breeze behind me after these days of renewal.
There’s also good news on the marathon training front…we continued to run Sunday and Monday, getting back on the correct schedule. Today we walked, the second to last time that will be part of our training. We picked up the pace and had our fastest walking mile yet at the end. Next week the training gets more challenging and the group from our church will need each other to stay on track!
Last night I took in a church kid’s  youth baseball game with friends from our missional community. It was nice to meet other parents and watch a team cope with unexpected challenges. (Jason drew a walk and scored!)
I’ve also begun plans for courses I will be teaching this fall and next Spring. I’m taking a refresher course on creating online courses in preparation for teaching Preaching and Worship online this Fall for NNU. I’m prepping for teaching the Faith & Film course and a New Testament course, both of which I’ve taught before. The Pew Study on the Changing Religious Landscape in America will be the focus of a Spring Honors course I’m designing with a friend and wise colleague, Paul Koch.
It was also a big week for my family as my youngest daughter became engaged to her long-time boyfriend and classmate at Olivet! Congratulations to Jon and Rachel! In a delightful old-school move, Jon sought the approval of my wife and I before he asked Rachel. He shared with me about his recent spiritual growth and excitement about how he and Rachel have brought out the best in each other. After praying about it for some time he felt the time was right to ask her, even though it will be a couple of years before they actually get married. We agreed they should wait to get married but were excited about this big step in their lives. God is good and our lives are very full just now!


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