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Day 29 Just fine…

3 mile easy run 38:56 Details

About 14 seconds faster than the last easy Monday run. Considering the heat and humidity we will take it. I tried out a lighter pair of shoes I picked up super cheap from the outlet store. I liked them. (Don’t worry they are high quality running shoes). I may alternate them or just stick with them if I still feel good tomorrow. Just finished before the rain which is pouring right now. Timing is everything sometimes… Thanks for your support and donations. You are changing lives! Click here to donate!

Day 28 Easy Cross Training

See our ride 9.23 mile 14mph Bike Ride.

3 nice laps around the neighborhood at a brisk pace but not dangerous for the neighbors. Loosened up the legs a lot. I think we will plan on a bike cool down after runs and ride a bit on rest days. Legs feel so much better. Ready to hit the running miles again this week! Click here to sponsor our team world vision marathon run!

Day 27 Ugh

6.11 miles 1:29:20

Well there are always rough days. Today was our first one in a while. We could not finish the scheduled 8 miles. Tried to stop and stretch and get going but our legs were done. We did go just a little farther than we’ve ever gone before so that’s our one thing to hold on to today. We will put this day behind us, celebrate our nation’s birthday, and keep pressing on! Click here to support our run!

Day 25 = 150

3 mile run 37:35 12:31

Would you consider a donation to provide clean water through World Vision in honor of my birthday? Click here to donate!

Some days it’s about the running and some days it’s about the cause. Today happens to be my birthday! A church friend donated $150, providing clean water for 3 people! Happy Birthday, indeed. I’ve raised money for the first 19 miles of my 26 mile journey of water, hope and life. That’s providing for 19 people at $50/person. Today we fell short of our best time by 12 seconds. Ugh. However my fitness level (VO2 max) increased a whole point. So, we press on. Thanks for your support!!

Day 23

4 mile easy run 51:34

I was a little disappointed tonight until I realized this run was 40 seconds faster than last Tuesday’s identical run. So, incremental progress. A rather difficult day ended better than expected. And the Cubs won! Thanks to everyone who is supporting my running of the Chicago Marathon! You and the kids who need water are my inspiration! Click here to make a difference!

Day 20 That’s Funny

6.01 miles 1:20:33 13:24/mile

Six miles without stopping, 3 minutes faster than last Saturday! That’s more than :30 faster per mile which is pretty good for slow pokes like us! That’s funny because we started out a little slow and it felt like we were going slower than last time. With running it doesn’t always feel better even when you’re doing better. But the clock doesn’t lie. 

Thanks for your support! We are running to bring clean drinking water to kids who need it. Help us support Team World Vision by clicking here! $50 provides water for one person, but any donation large or small is appreciated and accepted!

Day 18 Thank You!

3 mile tempo run 37:19

Had to run alone today. It was hot and I couldn’t take water. Still, I got my best time for the long course by quite a bit! I’m excited about the results. I can’t thank you enough for the donations and encouraging words. They will get us to the finish line… If you haven’t donated yet please Click to bring clean water to those who need it! Getting close to my goal… Water. Hope. Life. 

Day 16 = 4

4 miles Easy Run 13:04/mile 52:14

Nice cool evening run. Had some knee pain earlier so had to run later alone. Still I managed to slightly improve my pace, even with going one mile more. Perfect weather likely affected that. Thanks for your prayers and support of clean water for children through World Vision: Click here to change someone’s world!

Day 15 On track…

3 mile Easy Run 13:05/mile

One good lap of our longer route with a couple of minor climbs. 3 miles without stopping, without incident. We are running the Chicago Marathon to raise money for World Vision, providing clean water to children who need it. Your donation of any size is appreciated. $50 provides clean water for one person. You have generously donated funds for 16 people. Just 10 more needed to reach 26, one for each mile I will run in the marathon. Thanks for your support! Click to support my run!

Day 13 YES!!!!

Click here to deliver the water I carried today…

6.0 miles 1:23 13:56/mile Details

Short and sweet. We did it! We ran 6 miles without stopping, without incident! Thanks for your support! Water. Hope. Life. Running for Team World Vision. 


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